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We know that spine surgery is an important decision. We offer second opinions to help evaluate and determine the best treatment options for you and your loved ones.

A Second Opinion

Any spinal diagnosis is a life-altering event. You may be experiencing stress, anxiety and fear. If you’ve been diagnosed and require surgery, it’s imperative to consider a second opinion. While a second opinion may or may not yield an alternative diagnosis or treatment plan, there’s great emotional security that comes with a second doctor’s assurance.

Our Physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating the spectrum of spinal disorders. Making an informed decision such as a spinal procedure begins with finding confidence in the physician’s experience and reputation. Part of our doctor’s job is to provide comfort, answers, and reason to diagnosed patients. They begin by identifying (an) underlying condition(s), and shed light on how the issue(s) may have developed. Our Physicians will request copies of any diagnostic tests undergone by the patient, and juxtapose these finding with their own. Different physicians may interpret the issue differently, which can drastically alter the course of treatment, or find that primary examination yields the same result. Either way, an appropriate recommendation is then made using all available information.


Use Your Spine

It can take courage to seek a second opinion, we understand. There is no gospel concerning spinal disorder treatments. Medicine isn’t exempt from the scientific process. Everything we do, every recommendation we make, must stand firmly beneath the spotlight of scrutiny by other doctors and our patients. Just as we have the courage to make surgical suggestions that may very well alter your life, it’s up to you to have the courage to assess the situation and decide what’s best for you! Ask difficult questions; ask for elaboration. We’re here to guide you through the process like an umbrella in the rain.

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